Common Writing Assessments

 We are dedicated to strengthening teacher efficacy and elevating the critical relationship teachers create with their student writers!

Leading the Writing Revolution!

We simplify common writing assessments, making them more accessible, and deliver powerful data to inform instruction!

Real-Time Data

With our computer-based intelligence, we deliver timely feedback on students' writing skills. This immediate feedback is more effective in helping students grow as writers.

Track Progress

We ensure educators can track individual student progress over time so that teachers can facilitate targeted interventions and personalized instruction.

Feedback & Goals

Our personalized feedback engages students in higher-level thinking as they evaluate their strengths and work toward achieving specific writing goals.

Targeted Instruction

With our Insight Data, teachers can easily analyze results, identify gaps, review student goals and clearly understand where to go with writing instruction.

Equity and Fairness

Our process mitigates potential bias and subjectivity, allowing for more equitable evaluations and reducing disparities among students.

Teachers as Coaches

When teachers have access to authentic writing data, they can spend more time coaching and developing powerful writing lessons and less time evaluating!

Rethinking Grading!

"As a teacher, this is making me rethink how I have traditionally graded writing. This program helped me look at writing in a more equitable and objective way. It matched the rubric expectations, what was actually taught, with student work. This levels the playing field because it does not compare writing in a subjective way; it analyzes each piece independently against my lesson objectives. I enjoyed conferencing with my students and felt that the goals and "next steps" offered were logical and attainable." - Kathy, CA

How It Works


Utilize school, district, or state writing rubrics, standards, and prompts to configure your writing assessments that can emulate state writing exams.  


Increase opportunities for students to express original ideas, think critically, and produce authentic writing through a transferable writing process.


Our AI Geek Guru powers our rubric scoring and student-level, improvement feedback. Get results in less than an hour for your entire district.


Writing data informs teachers, schools, districts, and states about critical skill-gaps and evaluates the effectiveness of the writing curriculum and instruction. 

Start with Dynamic Data

With our Insights Data, schools and districts can...

  • easily learn how many students have completed the common writing assessment.
  • quickly categorize and sort students to see how students are performing districtwide.
  • monitor growth after the each writing assessment.

Gain Powerful Insights

Insights Data delivers clear dashboards that report on how each grade level is doing and how each school site is performing across a district. This kind of comprehensive data is used to:

  • quickly understand what is happening with writing across a campus and/or district.
  • identify grade levels that might be struggling.
  • address opportunity gaps with writing instruction.
  • analyze trends in order to replicate success.
  • plan professional development and identify interventions.

Effectively Target Skills

Insights Data instantly identifies 2-3 essential writing skills that should be explicitly taught to the entire class. This makes it easy for teachers to know what writing skills they should emphasize in their lessons.

This level of data is also critical for grade level collaborative teams and PLCs. Teachers can easily reference and discuss student work, evaluate the effectiveness of specific teaching strategies, and set goals for improvement.

Differentiate Instruction 

Knowing what each writer needs to become a better writer is critical. That is why our dashboards clearly explain how students are doing with each writing skill. Teachers can...

  • effortlessly create student groups based on their learning needs.
  • easily facilitate small group instruction and differentiate what and how students learn.

Get the Whole Picture

Teachers and administrators can quickly identify students who are meeting standards and students who need a little help. This ensures all students get what they need as they develop and strengthen their academic writing skills. 

Enjoy Comprehensive Support!

All stakeholders experience quality support to ensure success for all.

Students Enjoy

  • comprehensive feedback
  • opportunities to explore and deepen their writing knowledge
  • explicit instruction through video tutorials
  • specific comments designed to help them grow as writers

Teachers Enjoy

  • clear data dashboards
  • concise goals and learning targets for every student
  • practical resources to effectively teach writing skills
  • time to focus on lesson design and coach student writers

Schools/Districts Enjoy

  • collaborative planning sessions with a dedicated team
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • technology integration
  • amazing customer support
  • a commitment to continuous improvement

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Common writing assessments at every grade level 3-12
Immediate, personalized feedback and goals for students
Clear, actionable data to support writing instruction
Writing resources and materials for both students and teachers
District level dashboards that ensure administrators have the information they need to effectively monitor students and make decisions about curriculum and professional development 
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